The Baby
Cecil Floyd

Cecil Floyd Justice was the youngest of granny's children and was born eleven years after my mom. I guess the whole family was thrilled when he was born and from the stories I've heard, he was quite spoiled.

He used to love to hide and I guess gave the family quite a few scares when they couldn't find him. On one occasion, my mom told me about a time when they lived on Duncan Hollow. "That old house up Duncan" as she called it. She and Toni had taken a walk to Faye Gilbert's house and Cecil had tagged along, as I'm sure he often did. The creek water was up because of lots of rain. She talked about all the mud and I can just imagine a little boy stomping in it. They got to Faye's and before long they noticed that Cecil Floyd was nowhere around. She said Toni was down on her knees praying and crying. They finally found him in what Faye called the whisky cabinet - laughing! He did it one other time, and said granny was even looking in the well. I forget where he was that time.

Cecil Floyd is the only child of my granny's that is still living. He lives in South Shore, Ky.

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